Latest News

Jan 2019 - now

  • Carlos Rios will join as Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland College Park in Fall 2021. Good luck Prof Rios (May 2021)!

  • Yu's recent paper on water-based nanomanufacturing is published in Nano Letters (Apr 2021)!

Featured on Oxford University's website as New water-based approach to manufacturing semiconductors!

Appeared in Nature News and Views as Artificial intelligence accelerated by light!

Featured on Oxford University's website as Light-carrying chips advance machine learning!

Highlighted on EPFL's home page, along with a blog post named Light-based processors boost machine-learning processing!

  • Zengguang's paper appears in Science Advances (Jan 2021).

  • We welcome Mengyun Wang and Johannes Feldmann as postdoctoral researchers (Nov 2020).

  • Tara has won The Society of Glass Technology's 2020 Oldfield Prize for her work: "Thin-layer monatomic phase-change materials for photonic applications" (Oct 2020).

This is the first time anyone from Oxford has won it for over a decade (more specifically, since 2007). Many congratulations, Tara!

  • Kristian Curtis joins our group as a Part-II student (May 2020).
  • Xuan's paper is published in Optica (Mar 2020).
  • Eugene's paper appears in Nano Letters (Feb 2020).
  • We welcome Antonios back as a DPhil student (Jan 2020). 
  • Nick and Nathan's paper on plasmonic enhanced phase-change memory cell and its mixed-mode operation is published in Science Advances (Nov 2019)!

Highlighted by Nature as Storing data at the speed of light!

  • Claire Paetsch, June Sang Lee, Samarth Agarwal, and Tangsheng Cheng have joined our group for DPhil. Welcome to all (Oct 2019)!
  • We welcome Tara Milne as a part-II student to carry out research on monatomic phase-change materials (Sep 2019)!
  • Nipho passes his DPhil viva with minor corrections. Congrats (Sep 2019)!
  • Ghazi's paper appears in Nano Letters (Aug 2019).
  • Seongdong Lim joins us as a postdoc. Welcome (Aug 2019)!
  • Nathan Youngblood join University of Pittsburgh as Assistant Professor - we bid him goodbye and wish him the very best (Jul 2019)!
  • We welcome When Zhou as a postdoctoral researcher in photonic computing and Yuhan He as a visitor (Jul 2019)!
  • We bid goodbye to Ghazi, who joins IBM Research- Zurich (Jun 2019)!
  • Sam completes his MEng (May 2019)!
  • All-optical AI paper appears in Nature (May 2019)!

Featured on Nature News and Views, by G. Burr.

  • Nathan and April are parents to Clive. Welcome to our family, little Clive (May 2019)! 
  • Nathan accepted a tenure-track faculty position in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Pittsburgh. He starts at this fall. Good luck, Nathan (Apr 2019)!
  • Carlos and Nathan’s paper appears in Science Advances (Mar 2019)!

Also featured in Nature Electronics.

Featured on IBM’s Blog.

  • Ghazi passes his DPhil viva with minor corrections (Feb 2019)!
  • We say goodbye to Ben Porter - one of the first 3 people to join ANE. We bid him the best in his new adventures in Asia (Jan 2018)!

Jan 2018 - Dec 2018

  • Xuan’s paper hits cover page of Optica (Dec 2018).
  • We welcome Sridevi Siddarama as a Postdoctoral researcher in photonics (Nov 2018).
  • Yu Shu and Utku Emre Ali join us to carry out Doctoral Research. Welcome to both! (Oct 2018).
  • We welcome Mohd Sharizal Alias, who joins our group’s effort in integrated photonics (Jul 2018).
  • We occupy new laboratory space to accommodate our expanding effort in photonics (June 2018).
  • Harish and Varsha are parents to Vedika (Apr 2018).
  • Goodbye to one of our first group members, Madhav Kumar, who will join CEA. Good luck, and you will be missed! (Jan 2018).
  • We bid goodbye to Qiang He, who will join Huawei after his PhD in Wuhan! (Jan 2018).

Aug 2017 - Dec 2017

  • Our paper with our lead collaborators Wolfram Pernice on a Photonic Abacus appears in Nature Communications (Nov 2017).
  • Zengguang’s paper on photonic synapses in Science Advances hits headlines (Oct 2017).
  • We welcome our new cohort of DPhil students starting their first year. Xuan, Nick, Eugene and James - welcome to Oxford (Oct 2017).

Feb - July 2017

  • Ben and Stella are proud parents to Ruaraidh (July 2017)
  • Helge Gehring visits us from Wolfram Pernice’s Lab at Munster for a short exchange (July 2017)
  • Takashi Lawson completes his Masters thesis, and will soon join Cambridge for a PhD in Photonics. Congrats, Takashi - we wish you the very best!
  • We welcome Andreas Hessel from Joachim Knoch’s Group at Aachen for a 3 month Research Stay to work on Photonic NEMS (June 2017).
  • Ghazi’s paper on Graphene Nanogaps carried out jointly with Jan Mol’s group is published in Nano Letters, and reported in Nanowerk (May 2017)
  • Ghazi selected as an MRS Symposium Assistant for the MRS Spring Meeting and travels to Phoenix for the meeting (Apr 2017)
  • Harish introduces phase change reflective displays at TEDx Eton. See the talk here! (Mar 2017)

Oct 2016 - Feb 2017

  • Qiang He joins us as a CSC Scholar for 1 year as a Recognized Visiting PhD student from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China.
  • Nathan Youngblood joins our team from Mo Li’s group at Minnesota as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Photonics (Jan 2017).
  • Gerardo and Carlos get their DPhil. Heartiest congratulations! The lab celebrates in London and at Linacre College (Dec 2016)
  • The Lab hosts the WAFT Collaboration Annual Meeting at Somerville College. 55 delegates, with 29 from industry from across the world were in attendance. The closest industrial partner was from Oxford while the farthest from Santa Barbara! Post-dinner drinks was of course the highlight of the meeting! (Oct 2016)
  • Takashi Lawson joins us for his Master’s Thesis Research.

May - Sep 2016

  • Jeremy Miles graduates with a MEng in Materials Science. Good luck, Jeremy!
  • We bid goodbye to our colleague, Dr Merce Pacios, who is moving back to Spain to pursue a new scientific challenge. The entire lab misses you!
  • Harish was interviewed by CACM (Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery) on on-chip optical memory. See: Silicon Photonics: Ready to Go the Distance?
  • Ben and Stella get married. Congratulations!
  • Harish and Peiman featured on a BBC podcast on Germanium.

Jan - Apr 2016

  • Matthias finished his study and went back to Germany. Good luck Matthias, we will miss you! (Apr 2016)
  • Carlos’s work on modulation and resolution of nanodisplays was published in  Advanced Materials. Congratulations! (Mar 2016)
  • Mercè’s nano-manufacturing paper was published in Scientific Reports. Congratulations! (Mar 2016)
  • Gerardo was awarded the second place in the Best Student Poster Presentation at the  2016 Electronic Materials and Applications Conference for his poster on “Study of Ge2Sb2Te5 properties for opto-electronic applications”. Congratulations! (Jan 2016)
  • Matthias Stegmaier from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) joins our group for a short-term study. Welcome, Matthias! (Jan 2016)

May - Dec 2015

  • First Industrial Advisory Board Meeting of the Wearable and Flexible Technologies Programme (WAFT) led by Oxford held at Wolfson College. (Oct 2015).
  • Jeremy Miles joins group as Part II researcher. Welcome Jeremy.
  • Nhlakanipho and Ghazi join to pursue the DPhil. Welcome! (Oct 2015)
  • Dr. Zengguang Cheng (from National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Chinese Academy of Scienes, China) joins our group. Welcome, Zengguang! (21 Sep 2015)
  • Carlos’ work on non-volatile photonic memories published jointly with Wolfram Pernice’s Group at Munster in Nature Photonics. See: Science, MIT Tech ReviewThe EngineerGizmodo. Article is ranked No 1 for “Most Read” and “Trending Online”. Congratulations, Carlos! (Sep 2015)
  • Jeremy joins us in Michaelmas 2015 as a Part II student. Welcome, Jeremy! (Sep 2015)
  • The Group celebrates the doctoral viva successes of Madhav Kumar (26-Aug) and Benjamin Porter (2-Sep)- in London’s Soho!
  • In collaboration with Prof Bhaskar Choubey in Engineering Science, Harish wins an EPSRC grant to “Design Nanosystems the CMOS way (June 2015).”
  • Freddie Onslow Wins the Worship Company of Ironmongers Award for the Best Part II talk at Oxford Materials. Freddie was invited to present her talk at the Court at Ironmongers Hall in London on June 9th. Congrats, Freddie for being our superstar Part II researcher!
  • Carlos wins the Best Poster Award at the INC11 Conference in Fukuoka, Japan with his poster on "Growth and Nucleation Dominated Phase-Change Materials for Nano-Optoelectronics and Display Technology".
  • Ben wins the local heat (Oxford) in the Young Lecturer’s Competition.

Jan - Apr 2015

Oct - Dec 2014

  • Harish to lead a collaborative £3.1 million grant by EPSRC on Wearable and Flexible Electronics (2015-2019). He will also be the lead Oxford investigator on another £3.1 million grant on Chalcogenides led by Prof Dan Hewak at Southampton (2015-2020). Both were announced by the Business Secretary, Vince Cable in December.
  • Dr Daniel Engstrom will join Loughborough University as a Lecturer in the Wolfson School of Mechanical Engineering in Spring 2015. Congratulations, Daniel!
  • Peiman and Harish win the IDTechex Academic R&D Awards at the recent Printed Electronics Conference in Santa Clara, CA.
  • Mercè and Ramone get married! 

May - Sep 2014

  • Freddie Onslow joins us to carry out her Part II Research Project. A warm welcome to her!
  • We review Additive Nanomanufacturing in the September special issue of the JMR.
  • Peiman’s work published in Nature, gets international coverage (July 10, 2014). Read more in Applied Physics: A new view of displays, Nature News and Views

Featured internationally in Australia, India, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Belgium and Brazil. Peiman chats live on BBC Radio Oxford, while Harish speaks to German Public Radio.

  • Carlos Rios represents Oxford in the British Universities Karate National and reached Quarter Finals in both the Kata and Kumite categories. At the Varsity 2014 competition with Cambridge, he defeated the opposing captain, although Oxford narrowly lost to Cambridge.

Jan - Apr 2014

  • Carlos Rios joins us (from the Pernice Lab at KIT - Germany) as a Clarendon Scholar to pursue the DPhil (January 2014). 

May - Sep 2013

  • Alexander Kermani from UC-Santa Barbara’s Engineering School will undertake an undergraduate research project over summer at Oxford. Welcome Al! (July 2012)
  • Dr Daniel Southcott Engstrøm joins our team from the London Center for Nanotechnology (UCL) (July 2013).
  • We welcome Dr Mercè Pacios Pujadó as a Marie Curie Intra European Postdoctoral Fellow (May 2013).

Jan - Apr 2013

  • We have relocated to University of Oxford’s Materials Department in January 2013.
  • Wolfram Pernice (Karlsruhe) and Harish’s optical memory proposal (Appl. Phys. Lett. 2012) is featured as a Research Highlight in Nature Photonics (January 2013)

Oct - Dec 2012

  • Peiman Hosseini is a finalist at the UK ICT Pioneers Competition - One of only three in the whole of UK to be shortlisted for the category of “Technology Everywhere”. Read EPSRC’s press release here
  • Wolfram Pernice at Karlsruhe and Harish’s all optical memory proposal is featured on the cover of Applied Physics Letters (Oct 2012).
  • Dr Peiman Hosseini joins the lab to carry out postdoctoral research (Oct 2012).

Jun - Sep 2012

  • Ben Porter wins TWO travel grants from the Institute of Physics - the CR Barber Fund and the Research Student Conference Fund - to attend the MNE 2012 in Toulouse (Sep 2012).
  • We expand into a new clean-laboratory where our nanomanufacturing experiments will be undertaken. (June 2012)

Jan - May 2012

  • Several opportunities (Postdoctoral and PhD Student) to join our team on some exciting scientific projects exist. Do you have skills in any of the following: micro and nanofabrication, electronics and MEMS/NEMS, scanning probe technologies or related? Then consider joining us (May-01-2012).
  • Maria Stoikou joins Aixtron as a Process Scientist - Congrats, Maria! (May-01-2012)

Oct - Dec 2011

  • We welcome Dr Maria Stoikou as an Associate Research Fellow (Dec-01-2011).
  • The lab welcomes Gerardo Rodriguez-Hernandez, who will join as a Conacyt scholar to study for the PhD.  Gerardo also wins a scholarship for Latin American students from Santander (Nov-01-2011).
  • Ben Porter is the 2011 Greig Prize awardee at his undergraduate institution, the University of Aberdeen, for “exhibiting the greatest proficiency in the study of Physics”. Congrats, Ben.
  • Madhav Kumar and Ben Porter join to pursue the PhD. Welcome, both! (Oct-03-2011).

Mar - Sep 2011

  • A Postdoctoral Research Scientist Position in NEMS starting Oct 2011 is open (Aug-01-2011). Now closed.
  • Bhaskaran Lab welcomes Jonathan Tirach as a summer intern (June-06-2011).
  • Laboratory in Room 214 is being populated with instruments and other experimental toys (May-01-2011).

Jan - Mar 2011

  • 3 PhD Studentships Open. Apply online now (deadline March 14, 2011): Now closed

Cognitive Computing PhD Position

3D Nanomanufacturing Using Probes

Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS)

Nov - Dec 2010

  • New website launched (Nov -20-2010)
  • Harish joins University of Exeter (Nov-01-2010)