Antonios Mikallou

Antonios (or Antony) joined the group in October 2018 as an Erasmus+ exchange student from the University of Crete. His previous research in the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL-FORTH) was in photonics for art conservation. He focused on the influence of nIR and visible laser irradiation to inorganic pigments in the context of Raman microspectroscopy, in order to establish safe irradiation limits for paintings’ analysis. During his time in our lab, his aim is to become proficient in device fabrication and characterization techniques in the nano- regime. He enjoys travelling, has a deep appreciation for all forms of art and is an amateur filmmaker.

Year Degree Description University
2019 BSc Chemistry University of Crete

Office: ETB 10.16


Tel: +44 (1865) 273714