Ghazi Sarwat

Ghazi is a 2015 addition to our group. As a Felix Scholar, he will be spending his tenure at Oxford in developing nanoscale devices for unconventional computing using phase change materials and graphene. These devices are envisaged to mimic biological architectures; and expected to revolutionize the existing computational technologies. Before becoming a part of our group, Ghazi has worked on Thermodynamic Modelling, Synthesis and Advance characterization of bulk metallic glasses and high entropy alloys. He has also carried extensive studies of P91 Steel, and Ceria based Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for the best part of his Undergraduation; for which he has grabbed reputed honours. He has an acumen for sports; particularly being passionate about Table Tennis. Ghazi enjoys socializing, breakdancing and Music.

Year Degree Description University
2015 BE Metallurgy PSG College of Technology (India)

Office: ETB 40.15


Tel: +44 (1865) 273685

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