Optoelectronics of Phase Change Materials

Phase Change Materials are those that can exist in two quasi-stable solid states around room temperature. Such materials are commonly employed in a range of applications from heat storage to data storage. In our group we pursue novel applications of a class of Chalcogenide phase change materials especially in optoelectronic modulation, emerging brain-inspired computing, artifical retinas and all-photonic memories.

Our group discovered an optoelectronic framework based on these materials, and this effort has set the stage for several interesting experiments using these materials. For example - can photonic devices using integrated optics concepts replace future electronic chips? Could we compute optically using non von Neumann techniques? These are the extremely interesting questions that we are interested in.

    Key areas:

    • Solidstate reflective displays (our invention)
    • Holographic projection using ultra-high resolution microdisplays
    • All-photonic memories
    • Integrated optics-based non-Von Neumann computing paradigms