Additive Nanomanufacturing

A car manufacturing plant involves assembling components manufactured elsewhere. That way an efficient engine made in Japan, a transmission made in Germany, tyres made in Korea, etc. can be assembled at a plant in Italy. Thus, the individual expertise of each component manufacturer is leveraged to make a final product that is of high quality. This assembly involves only skilled human intervention, with most of the automated processes handled by robots.

In our group, we hope to replicate such an assembly process at the nanoscale. This can be accomplished using nanomechanical probes. This is a pretty interesting process as it involves physics of surfaces (tribology), advanced surface engineering processes, as well as chemical process control at the interface.

    Key areas:

    • High resolution printing techniques (<200 nm)
    • Ultrafast self-assembly of nanoparticles
    • Combination techniques to assembles real devices
    • 1-5 nm nanogap devices and device physics