Jonathan Tirach, Summer Intern from ENSEIRB-MATMECA, Bordeaux.

(Summer of 2011 in Exeter)

Internship report in French (full) and English (summary)


Madhav Kumar, Postdoctoral Fellow in NEMS


Madhav joined the lab in October 2011 as a Doctoral Student, on the topic NEMS based on graphene. During the masters degrees, he studied Quantum Hall Effect of CVD grown graphene at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research under Dr Mandar Deshmukh and Transport properties of charge  carrier  in RTCVD grown graphene at UT - Austin under supervision of Prof S.K  Banerjee.

Educational background:

University of Oxford, England

DPhil in Materials (2015, advised by Harish)

University of Delhi

MTech Nanoscience and Nanotechnology  (2011)

University Joseph Fourier (UJF) - Grenoble, France

Master Nanophysics (2010) - Joint Exchange Degree with University of Delhi

Benares Hindu University (BHU)

BSc Physics (Hons.) (2008)

Maria Stoikou, Postdoctoral Research Associate (2011-12 in Exeter)

Present Position: Process Scientist at Plessey Semiconductor

E Alexander Kermani, Summer Intern from UCSB (Summer of 2013)

Presently: Engineer at Gilead Sciences, SF Bay Area

Frederica (Freddie) Onslow, Part II MEng Materials (St Catherine’s) 2014-15

Senior Researchers
Graduate Students

Jasmin Ebert, Summer Intern (Erasmus) Trinity 2015

Present position: Masters Student in Physics (KIT)

Sarolta Mohaine Palfi,

Administrative Officer (Profs Grovenor and Bhaskaran)

Sarolta supports the Centre for Applied Superconductivity and the WAFT collaboration. She gained experience working on more than 50 projects of ministries, universities, NGOs and companies becoming pretty familiar with intensive project deployment in cultural, educational, environmental and IT sectors. She is a great enthusiast of inspirational museums and enjoys dancing classical ballet.

Educational background:

Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Hungary

BA Economics, (1999)

Nhlakanipho Mkhize, DPhil Candidate (third year)-Rhodes Scholar (Trinity)


Nhlakanipho joined the lab in October 2015 to read for a DPhil looking at nanoparticle toxicity specially focusing  on the affects due to morphology and surface charge. He obtained his Masters degree in Chemistry from Rhodes University in South Africa under Distinguished Professor Tebello Nyokong. His focus was on the development of optical limiting materials using phthalocyanines and related compounds embedded in polymers for the safe-guarding of sensitive optical instruments including human eyes. Nhlakanipho is a Rhodes Scholar, and when not in the lab, he enjoys hiking, amateur video-making and listening to an eclectic mix of music.

Educational background:

Rhodes University, South Africa

M.Sc in Chemistry (2015)

B.Sc jointly in Physics and Chemistry (2013)

B.Sc in Physics and Chemistry (2012)

Ghazi Sarwat, DPhil Candidate (third year)-Felix Scholar (St. Cross)


Ghazi is a 2015 addition to our group. As a Felix Scholar, he will be spending his tenure at Oxford in developing nanoscale devices for unconventional computing using phase change materials and graphene. These devices are envisaged to mimic biological architectures; and expected to revolutionize the existing computational technologies. Before becoming a part of our group, Ghazi has worked on Thermodynamic Modelling, Synthesis and Advance characterization of bulk metallic glasses and high entropy alloys. He has also carried extensive studies of P91 Steel, and Ceria based Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for the best part of his Undergraduation; for which he has grabbed reputed honours. He has an acumen for sports; particularly being passionate about Table Tennis. Ghazi enjoys socializing, breakdancing and Music.

Educational background:

PSG College of Technology, India

B.E Metallurgy, (2015)

Zengguang Cheng, Postdoctoral Fellow in Photonic Computing


Zengguang joined our group in September 2015 to work on flexible electronics based on Phase Change Materials. He obtained his PhD degree in China with researches on synthesis and fabrication of Graphene FET and its biological applications (09/2009-01/2015). From Jan. 2013 to Sep. 2014, he was a visiting scholar in Harvard University to work on syringe injectable electronics and nanowire devices. He has broad research interests from low dimensional materials, novel device fabrication to flexible and wearable electronics. He is a  also a swimming enthusiast and a big fan of football.

Educational background:

National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

PhD (2015, advised by Prof. Ying Fang)

Harvard University, United States

Visiting Scholar (01/2013-09/2014, advised by Prof. Charles M. Lieber)

Xidian University, China

BEng Electronic Science and Technology (2009)

Jeremy Anthony Miles, Part II MEng Materials Science (St. Edmund Hall) 2015-2016

Benjamin (Ben) Porter, Postdoctoral Fellow in Nanomanufacturing


Ben joined the Bhaskaran Lab in October 2011as doctoral student to create novel nanomanufactured devices using probe technologies.  Before undertaking his Doctorate, he completed a four year BSc in Physics at the University of Aberdeen.  He is a great lover of kayaking, sunlight and the universe.

Educational background:

University of Oxford, England

DPhil in Materials (2015, advised by Harish)

University of Aberdeen, Scotland

BSc Physics (Hons.), Greig Prize in Physics Awardee (2011)

Peiman Hosseini,  Postdoctoral Fellow in Phase Change Materials 2012-15

Presently Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Bodle Technologies Limited

Benjamin Porter (see above, continuing as Postdoctoral Fellow in Nanomanufacturing)

Madhav Kumar (see above, continuing as Postdoctoral Fellow in NEMS)


Mercè Pacios Pujadó, Postdoctoral Fellow in Nanomanufacturing (2013-2016)

Presently: Beatriu Pinós Fellow at IREC, Barcelona

Matthias Stegmaier, Recognized Student, visiting from Prof Wolfram Pernice’s Group at Munster 2016

Takashi Lawson,  MEng (Part II, 2017)- (St Edmund Hall)

Presently: PhD student at Cambridge.

Harish Bhaskaran, Professor of Applied Nanomaterials

Harish joined the faculty of University of Oxford in January 2013. Just prior to joining Oxford, he was a Senior Lecturer in Engineering at the University of Exeter. He was also at IBM Research - Zurich (2006-2009) and at Yale University (2009-2010). An avid cricket and outdoors fan, he does research on nanomechanical devices, data storage and nanomanufacturing in his spare time. He also servces as the Founding Director and Chief Scientific Officer of Bodle Technologies Limited.

Educational background:

University of Maryland, College Park

PhD (2006, advised by Keith Schwab) and MS (2002, advised by Peter Sandborn)

College of Engineering, Pune (University of Pune).

BE Civil and Environmental Engineering (2000)

Principal Investigator
Administrative Officer

Gerardo Rodriguez-Hernandez, DPhil (2017)

Presently: Thermal Development Engineer at Bodle Technologies

Carlos Rios Ocampo, DPhil Student - Clarendon Scholar (Graduated 2017, stayed on as a postdoc Jan 2017-Nov 2017)

Presently: Postdoctoral Researcher at MIT (Juejun Hu Group)

Nathan Youngblood, Postdoctoral Fellow in Photonics


Nathan joined our group in January 2017 and is working on smart window technology and photonic devices using phase-change materials. He received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota with research focusing on the integration of 2D materials with silicon photonics for optoelectronic applications. His research interests include integrated photonics, high-speed optoelectronics, novel computing methods, and nanoelectronics. In his spare time, Nathan enjoys reading, cycling, fixing broken electronics, and drinking craft beer—sometimes simultaneously.

Educational background:

University of Minnesota, USA

PhD in Electrical Engineering (2016)

James Tan, DPhil PRS (first year) - Kings Scholar (Mansfield)

James joined the lab in October 2017 and is working on phase change photonics for neuromorphic computing. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from University of Malaya, Malaysia and Master's degree in electrical engineering from KAIST, Republic of Korea. Before joining the team, he did theoretical work on non-Hermitian physics. He enjoys reading.

Educational background:

KAIST (previously Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Republic of Korea

Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering (2015)

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (2013)

Xuan Li, DPhil PRS (first year) - NUDT-China Scholar (Wolfson)

Xuan joined the lab in October 2017 to read for a DPhil looking at neuromorphic computing with photonics and phase change materials. Phase change materials are promising candidate to mimic neurons and synapses of human beings. With these components, it is possible to mimic biological activities in human brains, such as memory and computing, The performance of data computing and memory then could be improved in a large scale compared with current computer architecture. She finished her final year project in Nanyang Technological University as an exchange student (01/2016-07/2016). In her spare time, She loves running, traveling and explore any different things in life.

Educational background:

National University of Defense Technology

Bachelor in Electronic Engineering

(also spent 6 months as an exchange student in NTU-Singapore)

Nick Farmakidis, DPhil PRS (first year) (St Edmund Hall)

Nick joined the group in October 2017 as a DPhil student working on expanding the frontiers of nanofabrication, for the production of functional nanoarchitectures. He received his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University and conducted his thesis research at the Mesoscale Soft Matter Laboratory under the mentorship of Professor Keith A. Brown. Together, they explored the flow dynamics of localized liquid deposition from AFM probes. Before joining our group he conducted research at Columbia University exploring a microfluidic-based alternative for the selection of aptamers. Nick formerly served as a Division I NCAA athlete specializing in the pole vault where he has received several honours including the silver medal at the Greek U23 nationals. He now enjoys hiking, running and playing chess.

Educational background:
MSc. Mechanical Engineering, Boston University

Eugene Soh, DPhil PRS - A*STAR Scholar (first year) (St Edmund Hall)

Eugene joined the lab in October 2017 as a doctoral student on the topic of pick and place nanoassembly. This project aims to investigate ways to build structures one nanoparticle at a time which will have a huge impact to design flexibility at the nanoscale. Prior to joining the lab, Eugene studied the effect of electric fields and trace water on confined liquid hydrocarbons in an AFM at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering. He also carried out computational studies on the tuning of photonic nanojets as part of his undergraduate programme at the University of Singapore. Outside of labwork, he enjoys running and swimming.

Educational Background:


BEng in Engineering Science (2016)

Qiang He, Recognized Student - CSC Scholar visiting from Xiangshui Miao’s Group

Qiang joined the lab in January 2017 as a CSC Scholar for 1 year as a Recognized Visiting PhD student from China. He is studying his PhD degree in Micro-electronics in Huazhong University of Science and Technology under Prof. Xiangshui Miao. He has wide research interests, including multilevel phase change memory, computational memory and device reliability issues. Currently, he focuses on the development of ultrafast electrically tunable color filters using phase change materials for CMOS sensor application. During his spare time, Qiang enjoys hiking, traveling, singing and running-he just did the Oxford half Marathon this year.

Educational Background:

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China

PhD Candidate (2013-present)

BSc in Electronic Science and Technology (2013)