Harish was interviewed by CACM (Communications of the Association for

Computing Machinery) on on-chip optical memory.

See: Silicon Photonics: Ready to Go the Distance?

Ben and Stella get married. Congratulations!

Harish and Peiman featured on a BBC podcast on Germanium.

Jan - Apr 2016

Matthias finished his study and went back to Germany. Good luck Matthias,

we will miss you! (Apr 2016)

Carlos’s work on modulation and resolution of nanodisplays was published in  Advanced Materials. Congratulations! (Mar 2016)

Mercè’s nano-manufacturing paper was published in Scientific Reports.

Congratulations! (Mar 2016)

Gerardo was awarded the second place in the Best Student Poster Presentation at

the  2016 Electronic Materials and Applications Conference for his poster on

“Study of Ge2Sb2Te5 properties for opto-electronic applications”. Congratulations!

(Jan 2016)

Matthias Stegmaier from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) joins our group for a short-term study. Welcome, Matthias! (Jan 2016 )

May - Dec 2015

First Industrial Advisory Board Meeting of the Wearable and Flexible Technologies Programme (WAFT) led by Oxford held at Wolfson College. (Oct 2015).

Jeremy Miles joins group as Part II researcher. Welcome Jeremy.

Nhlakanipho and Ghazi join to pursue the DPhil. Welcome! (Oct 2015)

Dr. Zengguang Cheng (from National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Chinese Academy of Scienes, China) joins our group. Welcome, Zengguang! (21 Sep 2015)

Carlos’ work on non-volatile photonic memories published jointly with Wolfram Pernice’s Group at Munster in Nature Photonics. See: Science, MIT Tech Review, The Engineer, Gizmodo. Article is ranked No 1 for “Most Read” and “Trending Online”. Congratulations, Carlos! (Sep 2015)

Jeremy joins us in Michaelmas 2015 as a Part II student. Welcome, Jeremy! (Sep 2015)

The Group celebrates the doctoral viva successes of Madhav Kumar (26-Aug) and Benjamin Porter (2-Sep)- in London’s Soho!

In collaboration with Prof Bhaskar Choubey in Engineering Science, Harish wins an EPSRC grant to “Design Nanosystems the CMOS way (June 2015).”

Freddie Onslow Wins the Worship Company of Ironmongers Award for the Best Part II talk at Oxford Materials. Freddie was invited to present her talk at the Court at Ironmongers Hall in London on June 9th. Congrats, Freddie for being our superstar Part II researcher!

Carlos wins the Best Poster Award at the INC11 Conference in Fukuoka, Japan 

with his poster on "Growth and Nucleation Dominated Phase-Change Materials

for Nano-Optoelectronics and Display Technology".

Ben wins the local heat (Oxford) in the Young Lecturer’s Competition.

January - April 2015

Peiman Hosseini is an RAEng Enterprise Fellow finalist - hits tech news!

See  Wired ; IET; Electronics Weekly

October - December 2014

Harish to lead a collaborative £3.1 million grant by EPSRC on Wearable and Flexible Electronics (2015-2019). He will also be the lead Oxford investigator on another £3.1 million grant on Chalcogenides led by Prof Dan Hewak at Southampton (2015-2020). Both were announced by the Business Secretary, Vince Cable in December.

Dr Daniel Engstrom will join Loughborough University as a Lecturer in the Wolfson School of Mechanical Engineering in Spring 2015. Congratulations, Daniel!

Peiman and Harish win the IDTechex Academic R&D Awards at the recent Printed

Electronics Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

Mercè and Ramone get married!

May - September 2014

Freddie Onslow joins us to carry out her Part II Research Project. A warm welcome to her!

We review Additive Nanomanufacturing in the September special issue of the JMR.

Peiman’s work published in Nature, gets international coverage (July 10, 2014).

Read more in: -  Applied Physics: A new view of displays, Nature News and Views

                                Listen to the Nature Podcast

Featured internationally in Australia, India, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Belgium and Brazil. Peiman chats live on BBC Radio Oxford, while Harish speaks to German Public Radio.

Carlos Rios represents Oxford in the British Universities Karate National and reached Quarter Finals in both the Kata and Kumite categories. At the Varsity 2014 competition with Cambridge, he defeated the opposing captain, although Oxford narrowly lost to Cambridge.

January - April 2014

Carlos Rios joins us (from the Pernice Lab at KIT - Germany) as a Clarendon Scholar to pursue the DPhil (January 2014).

May-September 2013

Alexander Kermani from UC-Santa Barbara’s Engineering School will undertake an undergraduate research project over summer at Oxford. Welcome Al! (July 2012)

Dr Daniel Southcott Engstrøm joins our team from the London Center for Nanotechnology (UCL) (July 2013).

We welcome Dr Mercè Pacios Pujadó as a Marie Curie Intra European Postdoctoral Fellow (May 2013).

January-April 2013

We have relocated to University of Oxford’s Materials Department in January 2013.

Wolfram Pernice (Karlsruhe) and Harish’s optical memory proposal (Appl. Phys. Lett. 2012) is featured as a Research Highlight in Nature Photonics (January 2013)

Archived News from before 2013.

Jeremy Miles graduates with a MEng in Materials Science. Good luck, Jeremy!

We bid goodbye to our colleague, Dr Merce Pacios, who is moving back to Spain to pursue a new scientific challenge. The entire lab misses you!

May - Sep 2016

Oct 2016 - present

Gerardo and Carlos get their DPhil. Heartiest congratulations! (Dec 2016)

The Lab hosts the WAFT Collaboration Annual Meeting at Somerville College. 55 delegates, with 29 from industry from across the world were in attendance. The closest industrial partner was from Oxford while the farthest from Santa Barbara! Post-dinner drinks was of course the highlight of the meeting! (Oct 2016)

We welcome John Sandford O’Neill and Kylee Wu a new DPhil Students (Oct 2016)